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Lemon scented conifers

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I have just recently planted some conifers down one side of my garden and some of them are turning brown. I planted some last year on the other side of my garden and they are all fine. Can you tell me how to save them and why have they turned brown?



Could be shock and waterlacking or wind damage. Do not prune or clip and keep checking for any new growth. There is now a confer sickness around which can kill them off. But I think they could be in shock or suffering from this drying wind at the mo

10 Jul, 2008


if they have turned brown then they could be dead already, try giving them plenty of water for a few weeks and feeding every fortnight

10 Jul, 2008


We had the same problem, but ours was because the neighbours cat was doing it's business up the tree.

11 Jul, 2008

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