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By Tiali

County Durham, United Kingdom Gb

I have a 7 feet tall Acer Brilliantissimum which has come into leaf in the last 3 weeks. Already, some of the leaves are looking as if they are burning. It hasn't been particularly windy and the tree is in full sun from around midday until 6pm. This is the second year running that this has happened. Last year all of the leaves curled up also. Could you tell me what could be causing this and how I can remedy please.

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Have you had quite warm sun? It does sound as though the Acer is getting too much sun - it could be suffering from sunburn!

They need dappled shade, and a sheltered position. You won't be able to move one that size very easily...unless you can plant something else to shield it a bit, I don't know what else you could try.

21 May, 2010


Sorry, Spritz, gonna slightly disagree with you here! This particular Acer doesn't need shelter from sun/wind particularly, except when its small (its the palmatum varieties that do), though it grows better when surrounded by other plants. It does, though, need good, moisture retentive soil - drought may be a factor in its current condition. Otherwise, inspect the tree for signs of scale infestation, or any other kind of pest or infection, things like Leaf Spot - it is also possible that the new leaves have been caught by the recent colder weather, following on from such a mild April.

21 May, 2010


I bow to your knowledge, Bamboo......:-)))

21 May, 2010

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