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What is it ? it's driving me insane!!

East Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Does anyone know how to control a clover type weed that spread likes mad and has delicate fibrous roots, I seem to have spent all summer weeding my borders.
With the wet / damp conditions of late it has become rampant again.



If you can't use weed killer in the borders, then you will have to keep hoeing the tops off until they give up, or digging them out with a small fork/trowel. Don't let them get to the flowering stage so that they seed themselves. I know it's hard work - but keep at it!

9 Jul, 2008


sounds like nature has other plans ...perhaps you could learn to like it? otherwise Spritz's advice is right on. You will win if you can keep it from flowering..have you tried boiling water? boil a kettle make yourself a cuppa and take the rest out to the garden...pour it directly on the leaf and root area...cooks the plant and they will dry up in a day or two...

9 Jul, 2008

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