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Hi, I have just moved into a house with a steep, overgrown rockery at the front. I was planning on digging out all the overgrown plants and weeds and putting down some sheeting and gravel. Can you tell me in your experience whether this would work or will the gravel just slide off the sheeting. Any feedback would be appreciated. Many thanks



Sounds as if one rainy day would wash the lot straight off, Lorraine apart from the sliding! Why not plant the bank up with Vincas which spead and look pretty when they flower? or Cotoneasters which are evergreen, have small white flowers followed by red berries? They lie flat as long as you buy the right variety - C.dammeri is a good one.

9 Jul, 2008


Another good plant for a bank is Ceanothus Var Repens,evergreen and like a sheet of blue when in flower.We had a hugely steep bank and I was amazed at how fast this spread.I tried gravel first too but it does slide and ends up all over the path too.If its a sunny bank you could throw in an assortment of different thymes and heathers and make a living evergreen patchwork thats easy to maintain.

9 Jul, 2008

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