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raised beds

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

Have just built two raised beds for growing vegetables can anyone tell me what kind of compost or other matter to fill them with for best results?



i have raised veg beds, filled them with a good quality top soil initially, then incorporated compost in all but the bed i was going to grow root crops you must decide what you wish to grow, but start with good soil.i had 2x1tonne bags of greded topsoil delivered , and then wheelbarrowed into beds until 2-3 inches from the top, this will compact down and leave about 5" .this is useful as it provides a wind break for new seedlings and will allow you to net across the whole bed, which you will need to do , as the local cat population will take a definate liking to the fresh top soil, and there is nothing worse than seeing a lovelly row of carrot seedlings dug up .
my raised beds are about 18" high bye the way.......steve

8 Jul, 2008


If it is available definately go with a commercial topsoil which you can add compost to, if not make up a soil mix of your own. I use 1 part peat moss,1 part coarse vermiculite and 1 part MIXED compost. Do not use just one type of compost, 3 is good 5 is better.

8 Jul, 2008

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