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problem with my lawn

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Does anyone know how to eradicate a very small yellow weed that has appeared in my lawn this year and is spreading. I've tried 3 doses of feed and weed but it hasn't touched it. I realise I've probably had the blade set too low on my lawn mower and will set it higher from now on. However I don't think this will get rid of the weed.



Hi there are many small yellow weeds it's nice to have a picture...but I think what you may have is vetch. it's a trefoil...has a bright yellow blossom, spreads from a central stem...that would be my guess... you can remove it easily by lifting the many branches up to locate the central stem and root...twist the leaves together grasping firmly at the soil line and lift... should come right out..plunk in some topsoil and a few grains of grass seed..and water... hopefully it will be as easy as that.

7 Jul, 2008


Of course scarifying your lawn will remove this.If fit healthy and nothing to do then a lawn rake will do -otherwise hire or buy a machine.Feed only after as feed/weed a little harsh for new growth.

8 Jul, 2008


Sounds as though it might be Oxalis. Does it have deep red/purple trefoil leaves? If so it needs careful complete digging out as any small section of root will produce a new plant. I speak from bitter experience!

8 Jul, 2008


Scarifying ,I have found will not remove it but make it spread. It is a very difficult weed to eradicate, I think it is related to clover. I found the only way was to carefully lift the tendrils of leaves which go quite far sometimes and then make sure you lift all the root out,good luck!!!

8 Jul, 2008


If it is the same one as is growing in our grass, then it is fiendish stuff to get rid of. It roots as it goes and so there is not one central stem to pull out. We are trying spot weeding with Verdone at present, will see if that works.

8 Jul, 2008


Well can only speak from experience Wyeboy and I ve restored lawns that had been neglected for several years even had hogweed and dock growing in them.Use a brilliant electric scarifier that removes clover , moss, creeping buttercup and trefoils then feed with Scotts lawn food which is expensive but really effective.As lawn begins to re-establish regular correct height [ never too low , scalping = moss , trefoil etc ] mowing weakens weeds and strengthens grass preventing low spreading weeds re- establishing.

8 Jul, 2008

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