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Any ideas for tiny gardens?

Hi evenyone i have a tiny garden which in the last couple of months i have put in a few small borders, shaping a couple of curves in yesterday, pots on the patio tiny plastic greenhouse, i would really like a small pond for a couple of fish but think it may be to small in my garden, does anyone else have a tiny pond which is ok for fish, or anyother ideas for a small garden, thank you from a beginner gardener trying to prove small can be beautiful!!



I have a very small garden, maybe if you look at my 'photos it will give you some ideas.

14 May, 2010


My neighbour has a half barrel with some fish and a small waterlily and a trickling fountain! Don't be tempted to plant your garden with all small plants and shrubs. One or two large leaved plants can look great and stop the garden looking like a fruit cake! Beware of invasive plants, though. These are usually donated to you in a plastic bag by well-wishers (they are really trying to get rid of the thugs!!). Post some photos.

14 May, 2010


Also, use the height of the fences/walls. If you work out their surface area it makes your garden even bigger!

14 May, 2010


I'd agree with Volunteer - 'clothe' the fences with climbers like Clematis or climbing roses, or annual climbers maybe - Cobaea scandens is a good fast grower. Use colour, too - and the curves are a good idea, with focal points to 'draw' the eye onwards, such as a pot of Cannas, or something equally eye-catching. Try to have some structural evergreen shrubs if possible, so that the garden doesn't become empty in the winter. If you want bulbs, though, either plant them in pots that can die back in a corner, or stick to small ones that can be planted in the soil and stay there.

14 May, 2010


thank you for all comments, some really good ideas

15 May, 2010

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