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I would like some help please in finding a shrub ,I am looking for a medium size about four or five foot tall,no showy blossom as next door will go mad.It will need to be hardy and able to withstand any thing that next door might send its way.The soil is just ordinary but nice it is a semi shaded but open area Any ideas welcome thank ...Mavis



Photinia x fraseri 'Red Robin'? - It can grow quite large if left unpruned but can be kept to a reasonable size without too much trouble - very colourful young foliage each spring - flowers are less noticeable than the foliage.
Or try Aucuba japonica 'Crotonifolia' - Dark green leaves spotted with yellow, flowers are inconspicuous but it does have red berries in late winter/ spring. Needs very little attention - again, will grow taller if left unpruned but easy to control

11 May, 2010


Pieris forrestii or P. japonica hybrids - check the eventual sizes of the ones you like - they vary between a couple of feet or smaller and up to 20 feet. Also needs acidic soil, so if you can grow azaleas or camellias easily, this will do fine.

11 May, 2010


osmanthus is a nice plant too and then there are the eunonymous, variegated green/yellow or green/white.
why no blooms though?

11 May, 2010


Thanks everyone I like the idea of Red Robin,I have googled it and it looks really nice Rogerbee,I have a japonica already Bamboo but another one would be nice.Seaburngirl the reason for no blossom is my next door neighbour he hates trees with blossom as we now dont speak after a falling out it is not worth the risk.

12 May, 2010

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