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I am going to attempt to grow watermelons. I have about 100 sq ft space and I realize they would probably need more because they run. But I am going to have to make do. I was told at the nursery that I frequent to put down the amendments that I purchased cover them with black plastic for about a week till the weather warms up then cut holes in the plastic and plant the seed. they said something about mounding the soil. But didnt tell me anything about spacing or if I should cover the whole are or what. can anyone help. Once again the are is about 6 ft by 15 ft. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Hmm - I'd really like to help but here in sub tropics they grow on the compost heaps and if you want to plant them in the garden you just save some seeds and poke them into the soil ... and the plant 'stems' get sooooo long!!

I can imagine black plastic would keep them warm but wouldn't there be a chance of the soil not liking the cover? Sorry - showing my ignorance =\ but I wish you every success because there is nothing more refreshing on a hot day than splitting a ripe melon and digging in with a spoon!! =)

11 May, 2010


The plastic will help warm the soil and keep the weeds down. Mounding the soil is as it sounds - a slight mound of soil. In each mound (it helps keep the water around the roots since there is no point in watering the rest) plant several seeds . Space the mounds 2 mounds by 3 mounds.
After the pollen has set and the melons begin to swell, you can trim the vine so there is only 1 or 2 melons. They will be bigger and the vines won't run over everything. Just keep an eye on the vines and train them where you want them to go (an upside down Y twig will help).

11 May, 2010

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