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I have had a Japanese Acer in a pot and it has grown quite big(approx 3ft tall)and it has come through 3 Winters including the last one. New leaves came this Spring on but they have died back and I don't know if the whole tree has died. This is not the first time this has happened as I have had others in the past. I have 2 now which are still thriving. I put some ornamental stones around this Spring. What could be the reason for this die back ? I have read books but I cannot get an answer.



try repotting it .. and check the compost for bugs... j. acers in pots can suddenly die, if there are new buds you could try pruning back to these and see if it helps i don`t see that the stones should have been a problem unless they where covered in weed killer of course..

9 May, 2010


Frost or sudden cold winds can do this - the new, tender leaves open and then the temperature drops (as it has noticeably in the last week or so) and frost catches the new leaves and they shrivel and die. The plant should recover eventually if it is just frost/cold damage.

9 May, 2010


Thank you for this advice. Do you know what food Acers like. Is it the same as magnolias ie acid erechacious or tomato feed.

10 May, 2010


Definitely not tomato food, that's okay on annuals and things you want to produce lots of flowers, but not on foliage plants like an Acer. Feed with Miracle Gro general purpose, or just stir in some Growmore granules into the top of the compost.

10 May, 2010


Thank you for that advice. You sound like an experienced gardener. I am always in the garden but I find some things very difficult to understand and books don't seem to help. Thanks once again.

10 May, 2010


Been doing it for a living for nearly 30 years, Ackers!

10 May, 2010


Thought so. Wish I lived next door to you. Better than all the books.

11 May, 2010


Not sure I'm that good a neighbour, Ackers, lol!

11 May, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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