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Are these caterpillar eggs?


By Peter

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

I found a caterpillar on a cabbage yesterday - after it had made a mess of it :o( When I looked inside my cabbage there were lots of little balls (eggs?). I've tried to get a decent photo and was hoping someone might know what they are. Thanks in advance.




They would be more than likely caterpillar eggs especially if the are clustered on the underside of the leaves.

5 Jul, 2008


Thanks Wyeboy. The little blighters. I'm off out there now. They're actually nestled inside the cup of the leaves.

5 Jul, 2008


Errr - ummm - caterpillars don't lay eggs, it's the butterflies that do that ;-) (I don't quite think you meant that, Wyeboy, did you? It just sounded funny!) Watch out Peter - you are in for an invasion! Get them off your cabbages before the hatch - or no cabbages. And kindly watch your language!

5 Jul, 2008


Sorry Spritz - language adjusted :o) You know I even thought caterpillar eggs sounded wrong when I wrote the question.

I think (hope) that I got them all off, although they were right down in between the leaves so I had to poke them out with a twig. Then zen calm that the snail received the other day was all worn out and they met a grizzly demise (although the eggs are so soft it would be very difficult not to squash them).

5 Jul, 2008


Not called the cabbage white butterfly for nothing!Munch bunch.

5 Jul, 2008


Are you sure they're eggs. I thought butterfly eggs were yellow. Maybe what you have here are caterpillar droppings. Whatever, either way you have caterpillars somewhere!

6 Jul, 2008


Hi Joannie, I'm not sure at all. Are caterpillar droppings green and crumbly? I found quite a big caterpillar on this lettuce the same day I found the 'eggs'. Hmmm - what have I been crushing without mercy!?

6 Jul, 2008


What you are seeing, Peter is excrement! No they are not eggs, as Joannie says they are a different size and colour. I have no doubt it's poop! The source is the catterpillar...LOL...thanks for the smile!!

6 Jul, 2008


Yes , how stupid of me I mean't butterfly eggs but looking again at the picture I think Lori is right it is caterpillar droppings but the way the plant is eaten I don't think it is a cabbage white, something bigger I fear!!!!By the amount eaten you would have found a good colony of cabbage white caterpillars.

7 Jul, 2008


Thanks (I think) for the update. The caterpillar was about an inch and a half long, apparently suffering from diarrhoea. No more leaves eaten since.

7 Jul, 2008


Yes i think they are indeed butterfly eggs cause if u go to this link the eggs actually turn from yellow to the colour you've described.....

4 Aug, 2008


No they arent they are moths eggs oh and do not touch them!

10 May, 2009


Hi Jadii24, having removed quite a lot by hand I think they were caterpillar droppings :o(. Do moths lay eggs on plants? And do you know why I shouldn't touch them?

10 May, 2009


hi there,

in a related way i have a few catterpillars in my garden (shock) they seem to be staying very close to a cluster of slightly hairy yellow pods? does anyone have any ideas what they may be?

Thanks in advance for your answers!

18 Sep, 2009


hi i now a\ caitapler prfeser who would like to take them in if you wont ??????????????????????

13 May, 2011


This is regarding the person who sent in the above photo. Those are not caterpillar eggs but caterpillar poo, although it's pretty obvious you do have caterpillars in your cabbages hence the poo.

21 Jul, 2014


This is regarding the person who sent the above photo. Those are not caterpillar eggs, they are caterpillar poo. But obviously you do have caterpillars in your cabbages, hence the poo.

21 Jul, 2014

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