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By Cagey

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how do I get rid of clover from the lawn



Depends on the clover – the white kind thrives in drought and dry lawns – so keep well watered as it will return if not kept well watered – use VIRDO to kill all kinds of clover – but the yellow kind (creeping clover) use VIRDO when dead replant with lawn seed and water – feed with plenty of nitrogen to give that lush green look – but don’t over feed as it can burn and water well in

4 Jul, 2008


When ever i get clover in my lawn i feed with a good lawn weed & feed. It works on my lawn.

5 Jul, 2008


Why would you want to get rid of clover??? is a nitrogen fixing parter along with nitrobacter in your soil.??? it is hardier than grass and will grow lush and full has lovely smelling flowers which the bees love, and when well mowed it looks as green as the other weed.

6 Jul, 2008

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