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Anyone growing a Cercis canadensis ?

Northants, United Kingdom

Hi .Just been reading about this wonderful small tree and wondered if anyone has grown this as information seems limited on google.I've just fallen for it after seeing this wonderful photo.In particular does the purple leaved cultivar get these colour blooms?



also known as Judas tree,supposedly the tree that he hung himself from after betraying Jesus.
it flowers before the leaves and it is spring flowering in the UK.,its a very pretty tree,,mine is only half the size of the in your photo

3 Jul, 2008


Any info on what it's needs are Bren.Does it like partial shade?Are the flowers really that lilac shade?Many Thanks.

3 Jul, 2008


They like full sun and the colour is amazing.

3 Jul, 2008


Oh dear ....*adds it to the "wants" list* .Many thanks.

3 Jul, 2008


This is a very lovely small tree with heart shaped
leaves after the beautiful deep pink flowers have
faded. The village where we used to live in northern
Spain had these growing each side of the main street
and in Spring it was a sight to see. At the localgarden
centre I asked about them and the owner said they
were called the "Tree of Lurve" !! The trees were
planted in full sun and also coped well with the
cold winters.

4 Jul, 2008

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