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And another one for identification please.

Northants, United Kingdom Gb

This is a nightmare of a plant.It's broken two spades as we tried to dig it out last year.It gets tiny little pink flowers on and I'm assuming it's a weed but it won the battle for now.I can't dig too ferociously as my neighbours beloved rose bush is back to back with it.




It doesn't look like a weed - but I don't recognise it....are those the flowers top left and near the top middle?

2 Jul, 2008


They are Spritz,teeny tiny trumpet shaped and pink.It's doubled in size and now stands around four foot tall but it does .......nothing.

2 Jul, 2008


Does it have white or pinkish berries. The sympherocarpus family have tiny pink flowers. The white berry one is also known as snowberry.

2 Jul, 2008


Well done Chris! You were spot on.No wonder I couldn't dig it up easily.

2 Jul, 2008


Told you it wasn't a weed...are you still going to dig it up?

2 Jul, 2008


Nope ,I'm going to let it sucker away since it's the only shrub in a 10mtr stretch of fence .It's the start of phase two planting on that side(to hide the neighbours):-) Although I could have bought something beautiful with the cost of the two new spades! It clearly didn't want to leave me.

2 Jul, 2008

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