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bush roots


By Deejon

United Kingdom Gb

I have chopped down some bushes at the side of my house as i think they may be to close to the house i do not know how to get rid of the roots safely as they are to deep to dig them up any idears



Well, we got rid of an Escallonia hedge with deep roots - first by cutting them back to low stumps and then by digging around them as far as we could - after which my husband used a pickaxe to hack at the exposed roots. Then I dug out the rest. it was hard work but we did it! If you leave the roots in the bushes are likely to sprout again. You do need to get as much of the roots as possible out, I'm afraid, Deejon. There's no easy answer unless the roots are big enough for a stump grinder.

1 Jul, 2008

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