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I have noticed on some photos rather than indicating "I like this photo" it says something like "I've gone off this photo". What is this all about?



If you already posted a like for a certain picture when you return to view it the caption changes to Ive gone off this photo
few seem to use this facility as seems a bit harsh.

30 Jun, 2008


Hello. We use the "like" counts on each photo to determine which photos show on the front page and also to order photos when you are browsing by popularity. "I have gone off this photo" is in case you wanted to take away a "like" you had given a photo.

30 Jun, 2008


has anyone else accidentally clicked the ... I have gone off this photo... done it once or twice and nearly gone in to a panic lol

30 Jun, 2008


I don't think any of us could bear to click the gone off this photo button intentionally. Everyone on this site is so encouraging they are all too nice to do a terrible thing like that.

30 Jun, 2008


Thanks all for the meaning of "I have gone off this photo". Thought it sounded like a strange response to someone's picture. I thought maybe it was the photo owner's signal he/she is done talking about it!

1 Jul, 2008


I've already unintentionally put my foot in 'it' a couple of times on this's a wonderful site with a diverse group of people, and when one puts one's foot in it, one loses sleep !
Just to look at the 'I have gone off this photo' option, churns my stomach to think of the way it would be translated down the line...:-(

1 Jul, 2008

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