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Is this a beetroot?

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I found this growing in a friend's border. Sge didn't know what it was. I liked the red veined leaf and the overall shape so potted it up. It's about 1' tall - each leaf is 4"-5" max and are spear shaped with vivid red veins. Can anyone help me identify it please?




Does not look like Beetroot to me. It could be one of the forms of Persicaria, like Red Dragon. If it has red/pink flowers then that would be it.

28 Jun, 2008


It is rumex sanguineum - a dock grown for its attractive leaves. Whatever you do, don't let it run to seed or you'll be removing seedlings from the garden for years to come!

28 Jun, 2008


Ta. I spent half the evening trying to remember the name of that Red Dock. Put me out of my misery!

29 Jun, 2008

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