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snow in summer seeds

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where can i get some snow in summer seeds as i have try every where



The 2008 Thompson & Morgan Catalogue lists them under their latin name - 'Cerastium tomentosum'. I am sure that if you visit their website you will find them, or else request a catalogue. - Customer Care no. is 01473 688821

27 Jun, 2008


I am currently trying to grow snow in summer, I got the seeds from

However, this is not cerastium tomentosum, it's Melaleuca linariifolia. I don't know why tehre are two plants named the same thing, but there you go

27 Jun, 2008


Hi Sjp Snow in summer in UK always goes by name of cerastium - perhaps you could post a pic of your variety and we ll do likewise, see how they compare.

28 Jun, 2008


Hello Sjp
do you mean the white flower with grey velvety leaves variety,if so buy a small cutting from garden centre then split it in autumn, it grows everywhere and anywhere.Looks great hanging over small garden walls.


28 Jun, 2008

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