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By Harli

Washington, United States Us

This is growing up the side of my lattice, any idea what it is?




From the shape of the flowers it looks like a type of Lonicera ( Honeysuckle )

27 Jun, 2008


Honeysuckle not sure which one, but it should smell fantastic.

27 Jun, 2008


I used to call this Winter Honeysuckle (Probably wrong as it's summer!!) The scent is good, but doesn't compare to the traditional yellowy ones.

27 Jun, 2008


Yay! This is honeysuckle!! You can eat them, y'know? I used to love to eat from them as a kid (heck--I still do!!). You can pluck off the ones that are fully bloomed (yellow or white), tear off the green tip on the bottom, and carefully pull out the string-looking thing from the bottom. As you come to the end of the string, a drop of honey-like goodness is there, and you can eat that! Mmm ... honeysuckle ...

This is great to teach kids, if you have any around. Any time I saw honeysuckles, I just had to go eat some! :D

27 Jun, 2008

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