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Hello, I have a fabulous pink and white camellia - about 8 foot tall and very full and bushy - that I need to chop down or move due to building work. Is it possible to move it and if so can you give me any tips on how best to do this, or will I need to chop it down and buy a new one? I'd like to move it if possible to save money, but don't want to waste my time it it won't survive. Thanks for any advice, Hannah Reid



Very difficult, camellia`s normally only need two or three inches taking off to tidy or help the flowering. if you cut it right back and move it the may be too much. if you have no choice, you have no choice. good luck it sounds like a nice mature bush.

16 Apr, 2010


I moved a five foot tall camellia a few years ago - I think in February/March. It took a year or so to settle down and start flowering again but it's fine now. Autumn would be a better time to do it. Just take as large a rootball as you possibly can - the roots are quite shallow. If the builders are using a JCB or similar perhaps they would use their bucket to dig it out for you - have the new planting hole ready. Where are you, Bamboo? You're good at this sort of thing!

16 Apr, 2010


She talking to me Wagger and giving me her expert advise lol. no she is......

16 Apr, 2010


Send her over here then, Great. lol

17 Apr, 2010

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