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Horse chestnut tree.


By Masie

United Kingdom Gb

Are there any other uses for the conkers off my horse chestnut tree,eg.fuel etc, other than the usual childrens game of conkers on a string?



You can make a sort of fuel from it.
But don't.
In the WW2, a method of making a chemical to assist the production of cordite (The explosive used in BIG guns) was invented using conkers.
So, let that idea pass :-)

26 Jun, 2008


you could roast them for eating.

26 Jun, 2008


Do not eat them!
HORSE chestnuts are poison, SWEET Chestnuts are edible.
Different tree.

A toxic substance called aesculin is in the Horsey. To make it safe you would need to boil the things about 6 times, each time with fresh water. To get what? A yellow tasteless mulch that a dog would prefer to roll in than eat.

26 Jun, 2008


oops , ive just googled chestnuts and bbc recipe for them... i never knew there was a difference, think the recipe pages on bbc web page should maybe point that out, thanks for letting me know they are poisonous

26 Jun, 2008


I think pigs can eat them, but don't quote me!

27 Jun, 2008


This was once a school project and the things are can remeber are:
They keeps spiders out of the house. Their bitter taste make it difficult to use as food but with a lime soak they were fed to animals.
They have been used to a make packing cases.
Said to keep aches and pains away if carried in your pocket.

30 Aug, 2009

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