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I have had Paeony Mollie the witch for 3 years but it has never flowered. can you give me some advice to help it along. All my other paeonies flower well including the tree paeonies. It is in a fairly sunny spot.

On plant Paeonia mlokosewitschii



I'm afraid it's called 'patience'. She is notoriously slow in producing flowers, Carlotamae.

Welcome to GOY, by the way.

14 Apr, 2010


Sorry to disagree with Spritz but this Paeony is one of the fastest and easiest to get to flower from seed, it takes about 3 years for it to produce. Usual reason for non flowering is that they are planted too deeply so that the growth point does not get cold ripening. Scrape away the soil so that the top is no more than an inch below soil level and feed it with Tomorite.

15 Apr, 2010


I hope Ob is right - I'd be pleased to be over-ruled! Good luck with her.

15 Apr, 2010


Just been to look at mine, it is ready to open!

15 Apr, 2010

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