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How do I get my Gardenia to flower?


By Katieb

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

I was given a Gardenia about a year ago and have it on my kitchen window sill that gets some sunlight in the morning only. I cannot make it flower as the buds just fall off when formed. I have tried it in three different places in the house and even watered it with rain water, with no joy. Any help gratefully received - thanks!



These are beautiful plants but very tricky to grow well!
They require constant warmth (18 celsius/ 65 fahrenheit) and need to be kept humid - try putting the pot on a tray of pebbles and keep the tray haf full of water, get a little misting bottle and spray it twice a day. If its pot bound, pot into a slightly larger pot but with ericacious(acid) compost. Use rainwater to water but add a half dose of flower food from early spring until it finishes flowering (once or twice a week) then give it a few weeks of a 'vegetive' feed. They also like light shade - no direct sun. good luck!

8 May, 2007

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