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By Lydia

London, United Kingdom Gb

Am I too late to plant 'in the green' snowdrops in the hope they might flower next spring? If i'm not too late, can anyone reccomend a website or even a gc in Surrey or South London that I can get them from?



This is the time to be lifting, splitting and re-planting snowdrops in the green. You are more like to get some by mail order. Sorry can't recommend anywhere but gardening mags are likely to be carrying adverts, or try "googling".

14 Apr, 2010


Just remember to plant them as soon as you get them and don't expect a great show of flowers next year as the bulb will have been disturbed and may not have had time to create the flower bud.

14 Apr, 2010


ok great thank you, i've found a great place online -

14 Apr, 2010


Ah yes Cambo in Scotland - they will supply you with good healthy bulbs.

14 Apr, 2010

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