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Eaten foliage


By Jer1041

United Kingdom Gb

Help am at end of my tether have a 6 year old Cherry Tree which has had nearly all the foliage eaten, if you look at the leaves they are riddled with holes and this is now spreading to other plants. Took a branch to Wyvale my local Garden Centre, they told me it was a fungus and I bought a sprayer and sachets. Nearly killed myself balancing on the ladder to spray top as well would have made a good Beadles about Video.
Noticed new shoots appearing, great, now a few days later they also look as if they have been attacked. Please what do I do, what can I do?



It is called this as it looks like the leaves have been shot with a shotgun. It is a strength sapping disease known as bacterial canker.
It also occurs in Beetroot, Horseradish, Plums, Peaches and Cherries.
Cherries seem to have it's most severe form and weeping wounds can develop.
The disease is very hard to eradicate but it can be controlled in fruit trees by spraying them three times at three-week intervals with a copper compound, starting in August after fruit harvest.
A spray when the petals fall is also advisable, although it can cause damage in certain varieties of tree.

This is from a readers digest book "Your garden questions answered"

It also mentions that the cause could be soggy ground. Try improving the drainage nearby.

I hope this helps.

25 Jun, 2008


If canker as Trees suggests then nasty - there is die back to each affected branch and dead leaves remain on tree.For any chance of saving cut out affected areas well back to new growth and seal cuts with tree paint .Spray tree with Bordeaux mixture.All removed should be burnt and any tools used for pruning sawing should not be used on anything esp other healthy trees shrubs etc as highly contagious.Good luck.

27 Jun, 2008

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