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Mesembryanthemums - lack of flowers

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I planted a dozen mesembryanthemum plants from my local nursery at least a month ago and although they have bushed out and the leaves look healthy, so far there is no sign of any buds. Rather than the carpet of bright colours I was expecting, all I have is greenery - not the effect I was hoping for! They are in a sunny position and in previous years I haven't had a similar problem. Is there anything I can do to encourage flowers?



Have you over-fed them perhaps? This causes lush growth at the expense of flowers. Can't think of anything else apart from poor quality plants - but if they seem healthy otherwise, you may just have to be patient.

25 Jun, 2008


Thanks for your quick reply. That thought had crossed my mind as I know my husband has sprayed Miracle Gro on the garden. I don't think the plants were poor quality as when I went back to the nursery a couple of weeks ago the mesembryanthemums they still had were in full flower! Do you think it is worth waiting to see if any buds appear later or should I just give up on them and replace them now with something colourful?

25 Jun, 2008


Oh, definitely give them a chance! If they are very healthy, they will bloom later. Tell him indoors to lay off the fertiliser, though!!! lol.

25 Jun, 2008

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