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Unknown woody vine growing

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I have an unknown plant in my garden: dark green broad leaf, pinnate compound with mostly smooth borders. It looks like it may be a vine of some sort.

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it's Walnut tree Juglans regia

24 Jun, 2008


Quick! Dig it up, I think??? You have got the beginning of a tree there and it will grow very! very! BIG, two popped up in my garden an now I'm having a problem getting rid of them, I think the squirl's hide there nuts or seed's and that is what has grown. But if I'm wrong please will someone put me right.

24 Jun, 2008


I have a number of them in my garden. They make a nice tree to give shade. We get new ones all the time from walnuts left from Autumn. I dig them out where I don't want them but I am trying to cultivate some to form a row at the bottom of my garden which is like a desert. In time you will get lots of nuts too. So if you have a big garden you might want to keep it.

24 Jun, 2008


Thanks for all you who let me know what this is. I will pull it immediately. I already have one green walnut tree in my side yard that is massive; it over-shadows my house and, at one time, caused severe damage - carpenter ants with resulting dry rot etc. It is so huge I have difficulty finding anyone who is willing to go up and trim it back for me.

24 Jun, 2008

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