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i have a plot of garden that is covered in weed,not small weed on the ground but the type that grows like trees. i am not a gardener and don,t know one weed from another,all i know is that they are unsightly and need to go.can you suggest the best remedy for this please.



you did not say if you were going to plant again - but this is one sure way of killing weeds if your not:
Step 1:
Buy full-concentrate bleach.
Step 2:
Find a clean, empty spray bottle.
Step 3:
Pour undiluted bleach into the spray bottle. Use a plastic funnel to avoid getting bleach onto your hands and causing irritation.
Step 4:
Screw the top of the bottle closed and set the nozzle to "mist" or its equivalent.
Step 5:
Locate weeds on your property.
Step 6:
Mist the weed growth.
Step 7:
Switch the bottle's nozzle to "spray" or its equivalent. Spray the weed's root and the crevices from which they grow. Take care to not spray neighboring grass or desirable plants.
Step 8:
Wait 2 or 3 days while the bleach works to kill the weed's roots.
Step 9:
Return to the weed site and pull the weeds from the soil. The bleach should make their removal easy.

One treatment of bleach on the weeds should keep weeds from growing back for awhile.
If you accidentally spray neighboring plants with bleach, quickly hose them down with clean water.
Be advised that using bleach to kill weeds is likely to raise your soil's pH level. Growing plants, shrubbery and other types of greenery may be made more difficult with raised pH levels.
Do not mix bleach with other household cleaners. Mixing bleach with vinegar is especially dangerous.
Using bleach to kill weeds may affect insects in your garden.

23 Jun, 2008


Buy a systemic weed killer in a spray. Choose a still day to spray them. You may have to repeat the spraying after a few weeks if they are really persistent. This kind of weedkiller works through the leaves and into the roots and does not affect the soil for any future planting. You will have to rake up the dead weeds before you can dig and nourish the soil.

23 Jun, 2008


Buy a heavy can be used for other things but in this case it is going to block out all the light and kill whatever is underneath it... I use scraps of epdm liner that I used for my pond...they work very well and on a hot day whatever is under them gets very scorched...if the temps can be raised sufficiently it will kill weed seeds too. in effect you are composting the weed... Also you are missing an opportunity to learn what it is that grows on your patch. Weeds that tall can be pulled too...good exercise... or if you can get your hands on a scythe cut them off..or run a lawn mower over it... why put poison on the soil?

26 Jun, 2008

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