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Silver Birch


By Kamon1

United Kingdom Gb

We have just returned from a long weeks holliday to find our large old Silver Birch tree with all its leaves Brown and dying, it was fine when we left very green, has it died?
Looks more like autum
regards David



Very sudden! It couldn't be wind damage, could it? Are the leaves dropping or just brown? Do the scratch test on the trunk and see if the tree is still alive.

22 Jun, 2008


Hi the leaves are still on the tree,how do you do the scratch test?

23 Jun, 2008


Use a knife and scrape a small piece of bark back - if the wood is green, then there's hope that the tree is still alive. The wood goes brown if the tree is dead - but I can't see how it can be in such a short time.Give it LOTS of water and a feed of blood, fish and bone.

23 Jun, 2008

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