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leylandii disease ? I have had a leylandii hedge for approx 20 years, and last year all of a sudden one of the trees turned brown, and this year I have noticed another four or five trees have gone the same way - is this a disease if so can it be treated, your help would be appreciated, thanks



I have exactly the same problem and also had my trees 20 years + My wife just recently saw something on the news bbc that there is a aphid that is attacking laylandii I am sorry I have not got any cure for this problem but I am still looking . I am going to look round the bbc web site to see if I can pick up on the news report . bye for now Chris

9 Jul, 2008


Chris - I have already seen the BBC News report. It doesn't really tell you very much regarding a cure.

I have spoken with my local garden centre and all they can suggest is feeding the trees with something like Grow More giving them a lot of TLC in the hope that they will survive. Thanks Sue

9 Jul, 2008


Chris we are having the same problem. if you go to it may answer some of the issues but a lot of wet weather is not good for Leylandii and we have certainly had our share of that over the past two years, hope it helps we are starting to intergrate other hedge growing plants like Laurel and holly so that the hedge dosn't look so drastic and bare..
Jill: in Surrey

10 Jul, 2008

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