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Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

We have a few standard bottle brush plants that are looking very sorry for themselves after the winter. The first half of the 'branches' have green leaves but the end halves have brown crispy leaves. Should we just cut these off or wait awhile?

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If you aren't expecting anymore frost, you can cut them off, preferably just above one of those rings of buds they produce. If there is still a chance of frost, though, you might want to wait until they sprout. Flowers may come later than normal this year, if it is Callistemon citrinus, or not at all if it is C. viminalis or C. rigidus. A light feeding with a low phosphate fertilizer might also be in order, to help repair the damage.

4 Apr, 2010


Thank you for such a thorough and speedy answer. Will take your advice and see what happens.

4 Apr, 2010

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