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Please identify this tree

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please can anyone identify this tree
Photo of full tree as requested




My guess would be a variety of poplar.If so hope not too close to your house!

21 Jun, 2008


yes you are right it's Poplar but we need foto of the full tree

21 Jun, 2008


It's not Populus alba not Populus nigra ' Italica ' may be other on variety i think but i'am not sure the Poplar Populus temula because this plant is on stem

21 Jun, 2008


No, it's Populus x candicans 'Aurora'. I've got three in a row in my garden! They are hard pruned in late winter, coppiced in other words, every other year. The foliage is green, pink and cream and I LOVE them!

21 Jun, 2008


No doubt Spritz you are very gifted and there is not doubt also

21 Jun, 2008


Merci M'sieur. Vous etes? tres gentil! Ooh la la - je ne parle pas bien francais.

21 Jun, 2008


Thank you all for yopur help


22 Jun, 2008

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