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I live in Baton Rouge and everything is blooming and recovering from the hard freezes that we had this winter except my Philodendron giganteum plants. What do for frost damaged philodendron plants that have not started to grow back yet? I have removed the dead leaves but do not know if I should cut the plants stocks themselves down some or not.

On plant Philodendron giganteum



If the stems are still firm and green, there's still hope! Try feeding it lightly, maybe combined with seaweed extract to stimulate the roots.

If the stems are mushy or shrivelled, and brown or black, it is, sadly, most likely dead. One other possibility is that the base of the plant died, while the top hangs on, yet unconnected to any roots. If that's the case, you may be able to salvage parts by making cuttings of sections of the remaining stems.

Best of luck!

2 Apr, 2010

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