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I recently had new turf laid however it isn't doing very well I bought some lawn feed and weed but the packet says don't use it on new lawn. any suggestions on how to rescue my lawn




I have a feeling it was poor quality when you bought it. How long has it been laid? Or maybe it dried out in the beginning. I would go back to where you bought it and get a refund, if you are sure you did not neglect it .

20 Jun, 2008


What sort of preparation was done underneath? I'm just wondering whether weed killer was used on the soil? Otherwise, yes, as Wyeboy says, complain! I don't think you can rescue it as the roots have obviously died.

20 Jun, 2008


Does look very dry and parched . Was turf laid as soon as delivered - if left rolled up for several days or more will begin to deteriorate.As Spritz says whats underneath - good layer of topsoil?Suggest you see if turf taken by seeing if you can lift pieces if so and been down 3-4 weeks or more then poorly prepared.Ps - that a new wall on the left we all know where builders like to put their waste and cover with soil !

20 Jun, 2008

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