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juniper shrub


By Neilo

United Kingdom Gb

my juniper shrub of about 15 years of age is going brown in the middle. how do i cure the problem?



Most dense upright conifers are brown right inside if you look, but they are quite green and healthy on the outside. What type of Juniper is it? Does it have an upright habit or a carpetting habit? One of my low growing Junipers was affected by an ants nest in the middle. My husband decided to kell the ants by spraying with "raid", Result a very sick tree with a very brown centre. I had to move it from it's prime position to a more isolated spot. That was last year and the outside is still green and the middle still brown, but it is just alive. This may or may not help you diagnose what is wrong with your tree.

18 Jun, 2008


They just DO that when they are mature. I have a prostrate one and a large upright one - they both have brown dead middles. The upright one will have to go in the autumn as a large section fell out during the last windy period - it's wired back for now, but the section is bound to die off. What a job THAT will be - they are so prickly, aren't they!

21 Jun, 2008

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