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What has eaten my lillies?

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I bought some mature lillies recently and planted them at different ends of my garden. One set has thrived and is about to flower, the other set were completely stripped by something within a few days - all that was left was the stalk of the plants - what could it be?



i think they are lillies bugs they are red like a beetle and i had some last year they did the same thing.

16 Jun, 2008


Sounds like lily beetle. Mine had them too. We spotted them and squished all beetles. Also need to look for larvae under leaves which leave a soft black deposit. We did resort to some spray too, since we went away and could not be on patrol to catch the little horrors. The lilies all survived and are now looking glorious.

16 Jun, 2008


It's the dreaded lily beetle alright. If you see my photos I had 3 beautiful pots of them for the last couple of years without any trouble. This year I don't have a single leaf or flower due to these dreaded pests. They are ladybird size, bright red, they fly quickly and can disguise themselves by laying on their backs on the soil. Then they come out as soon as you turn your back on them and devastate your plants. You must squish them, they won't like it and will emit a squeaking noise......they should be in the Guiness Book of Records for the quickest insect to devastate your plants!

17 Jun, 2008


I like Greenfingers have had these in the garden and there is a pic of them on my Fritiliary. Squash them is the only cure.
At the weekend my father in laws garden had some that were not squashed, the eggs had hatched and the young grubs live under the leafs covered in a muck that resembles bird droppings. They will eat every bit if you dont stop them.
Ive squashed well over 20 this year so far.

18 Jun, 2008

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