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over grown


By Andy53

United Kingdom Gb

can anyone tell me the name of these trees




from left to right, I'd say Yucca, lavender, Phormium and......somethingorother! Can't understand why your're saying it's overgrown - looks fine to me - nice established border.

16 Jun, 2008


I'd say Cordyline for the left one, which will happily add another 10,15 even 20ft. Nice-looking plant.

The right hand plant is most likely a phormium but it could be a young Cordyline veitchiana from your picture. If it's a phormium it will clip the top of your fence and a bit more. But, if it's the Cordyline you're in big trouble as it will easily double the fence height and push that post over behind it. (Mine flowers at FIFTEEN FEET).

This is precisely the sort of thing that angers me most about garden centre labelling!!!!!!

Go to my website and type 'plant moving' in my search box and discover how I moved a phormium with a minidigger!!!

18 Jun, 2008

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