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By Osca

Lanakshire, Scotland Sco

Hi All

I have just bought 3 crowns of Stockbridge (A) rhubarb. It was supposed to be delivered in December but I did not get it until today. Can anybody give me info on how to grow this and if I need any special type of soil?
Or is it to late to plant this year?
Any help would be much appreciated.




We too are still awaiting our rhubarb crowns we ordered last November! It isn't fussy as to acid or alkaline soil but it does love manure. Plant now with some in the hole and more around the crown. Better not to take any of the crop this year or only a few stems, the crown needs the rest of them to help it grow.

16 Mar, 2010


Thanks for your help Moon Grower.
I will give it a go.
If it grows this year will I just prune it back or leave it?

16 Mar, 2010


Just leve it to die back naturally

16 Mar, 2010

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