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bind weed


By Bunty

United Kingdom Gb

I have taken over a large established plot but it is over run with bind weed that chokes everything . I cant dig it out despite trying . Is the only answer a deep mulch and if so what should I use

regards pat



You have my sincere sympathies. Mulching wont do any good - no matter how deep. If you want to do things organically, all you can do is continue to dig it out when you see the shoots emerge. But if you're not above short cuts, a systemic herbicide I think would be your best bet, esp considering the size of your plot. Good luck!

16 Jun, 2008


I have this coming from next doors garden, I am currently plucking any growth i find as it is too close to other plants to spray...
I may still do a midnite flit into neighbours garden and spray all of the bindweed in his garden like Sid recommends.

Can regrow from a little tiny bit of root left in soil, horrible weed...

Good luck

16 Jun, 2008


My sympathies! You can do a combination as a drastic measure. Pot or relocate plants you want to keep in the plot, spray the systemic, cover entire area with black plastic securing the edges with weights. Cover with mulch and use ground cover and your potted plants for a temporary landscape. Use thick plastic. Many ground covers will grow on mulch. The longer you can bake your soil under the plastic, the more you will kill - weeds and pests. If you can leave all summer and over the winter, you may have a clean plot for next spring. Best of luck!

17 Jun, 2008


OMG! On this scale (large plot covered in bindwind) you must forget organic for now or move. You need to get a herbicide that will not only kill the root but also contains a defoliant for added quick 'knock down' - so you can see where you've sprayed.

Far too early to consider mulching before you've got the bindweed 'on the run' otherwise it will simply add to your problems and expence. Photo of your plot perhaps?

18 Jun, 2008

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