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Bees by a compost.


By Adrian

stroud glos, United Kingdom Gb

I've recently moved a compost back away from a fence about 3 feet. It consists of broken branches, a bit of soil, lawn clippings etc. Since moving it and within 10 minutes, about 4/5 bees have been buzzing around the low area by the fence. Does anyone know if they are perhaps looking for a disturbed nest ? I had no indication that there was a nest and do bees nest at ground or below, level like wasps ? Are they carnivorous like wasps and looking for small insects?
I'm not bothered but it would be good to know.



No expert, but I believe that some species of bumble bees live in burrows under ground - sounds like you disturbed a nest. Bumble nests are smaller than wasp nests - only containing up to, i think, about 20 bees. Don't think any bumbles are carnivorous. Shame, as bumbles are on the decline.

16 Jun, 2008


This wonderful site has photos and forum responses about bees and wasps. Yes, several types of bee burrow underground, both in the US and UK. See photos of the nest so you can recognize it. A tragic problem with these in Florida is that children and pets (mostly dogs) happen upon the nests and get swarmed/stung. Beware of both underground bees and also, in the same area, underground wasps. "We need bees" all over the world - thanks for conscientiously asking! Take care turning your compost, and note the writer who tried to feed bees sugar water.... add flowers instead.

16 Jun, 2008


these could be the humble bumble bee which can nest at ground level there will only be a few bees as they don't build a large hive they will last a year when they will die of & the queen will hibernate then fly of.

17 Jun, 2008

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