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fairy rings on lawn


By Kornos

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

First we tried Epsom salts diluted in water and then Sulphate of iron watered on the area-then we dug up the whole ring plus -replaced it with fresh earth and then re-seeded it all over-any other suggestions for a new ring that has appeared? It has been over ten years since the last tree that could have caused the trouble was cut down?Help please!!



Why do you want to get rid of it? Usually you get a nice ring of toadstools and then they disappear. I like them!

15 Jun, 2008


For those in the US, what is a fairy ring, please?

15 Jun, 2008


Barrierisland - a fairy ring is a circle of mushrooms growing in grass - the mushrooms radiate outwards over time. You often get a ring of very lush dark green grass with a corresponding ring of very poor growth. Old British superstition says that if you fall asleep inside a fairy ring you will be taken away by the fairies (or something like that).

Kornos - Have you tried a proprietory fungicide? Also, your fairy rings are caused by soil-born fungi - the trees have nothing to do with it, I'm afriad.

16 Jun, 2008


Actually the trees may have a connection. The fungi form mycorrhiza with the tree roots. I had a fairy ring around a tree but sadly it disappeared after some years.

17 Jun, 2008

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