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could you help me my back lawn is infested with red ants i have put ant powder down but they still come in another places



Can you get Ant Traps over there? They are available here from Supermarkets and Garden Centres. They work for me.

15 Jun, 2008


what i do is open the nest and put ant killer down, or if i havnt got ant killer i put plenty of water in the nest!

15 Jun, 2008


This is inexpensive and bio-friendly: Boric Acid (Borax powder) mixed with sugar will bait ants to eat the boric acid. They take it back to the nest, kills the nest. Mix ratio 15% boric acid to 85% p'nut butter, sugar or corn syrup. Place in low-edge container near nests. Since all 3 mixtures melt in high sun or humidity, you may need to set this out only at night in the summer. Melted boric acid doesn't seem to work...... Harris roach tablet does the same thing for roaches

15 Jun, 2008

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