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Hi to all.....I have a large green bottle that has been given to me. approx 2' tall and 2' wide. Large round shape. It was popular in the 70's if I remember correctly. It was used to put plants in. No holes in sratight in and then plants.......PROBLEM IS!!!!!! I cannot for the life of me think what plants to put in. It would be kept inside as I know it would crack in the outside in winter.Plants need to stay small otherwise they will out grow the bottle.....ANY IDEA'S ANYONE............Thanks



Some garden centres still sell the little plants in tiny pots. Unfortunately they won't all stay amall, so you have to prune them occasionally and one always gets ideas bigger than its station and goes rampant! Try small ferns particularly Adiantum, maidenhair fern. Also Hypoestes with pink dotted leaves or Ficus pumila. Try not to use African violets or other hairy leaved plants as they rot and not cacti either. Water after planting but very rarely afterwards as the mosture doesn't evaporate easily. You could also put some interesting rocks or pebbles in (and a toy dinosaur too!!).

9 Mar, 2010


Boopcoltz, my mother did the same as you recently, and she bought the specific plants from a local, large garden centre.
As Volunteer mentioned, if you buy something that flowers - because you can't deadhead, they'll rot - so avoid them.

These terrariums are quite popular again now :-)

9 Mar, 2010


...yeah, man, groovy!!

9 Mar, 2010


I did this in the 70's, from what I remember the risks is fungus introduction so sterilize the bottle and take care what plants you select. There are lots of instructions on how to do this if you google 'Create a miniature world in a terrarium' Good luck.

9 Mar, 2010


Mine is still in the loft ! As you say Drc a '70's thing. I still have variegated ivy en masse in the garden because I couldn't throw away the cuttings.An umbrella tree was in the hall and had to go it became so tall. Maybe I had mine too wet,I seem to remember not seeing a lot due to condensation lol.
I hope the miniature plants on sale now stay small,I often think about bringing it out of retirement ......
Don't let me put you off Boopcoltz,it's a lovely way to add variety to your house plants,please put photo's on here when you get it sorted :)

9 Mar, 2010


they originated as 'car boys' used to carry sulphuric acid for the old wet cell car batteries. I dropped mine and broke when i moved house in the 80's :o(

9 Mar, 2010

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