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Hi - I have raised borders at the front of my house either side of my path, they are brick with rubber lining, They are 13' long by 19" wide my grandsons built them approximately 3 years ago and the only time I have been pleased with the display is in spring when the daffodils fill them. I just dont seem to be able to get it right. Can anyone give me some ideas on planting them up with lots of colour so like the daffs they come up every year. It is north facing but does get the sun gradually during the day and evening in summer. just to push my luck scented would be nice too I feel it would be welcoming, but isnt important Thanks if you can help.



Lavender would look nice and smell as you brush past them. Also have a look at the Goypeadia page on paths you might get some good ideas from the pictures.

4 Mar, 2010


There are lots of ideas for permanent planting BUT you don't say how deep the beds are and whether they're solid at the bottom, or open to the soil beneath, and that's fairly crucial to know - perhaps you can add that info to your question, as a reply - I will see that someone has added something and will respond.

4 Mar, 2010


Thank you both for your replies - I tried lavender before the raised beds went in and although looked and smelt lovely they attracted the beas causing problems getting up the path, even the post woman complained ha ha!!! with regard to depth they are two courses of brick high (approx 5") and the lining is just round the brick courses, to prevent internal dampness seeping through so they are open to soil below. I am new to this site and havent had the time to navigate it as yet but I will have a look at the paths section as you say nay get some ideas. Thanx again regards Tricia
Ps the soil is heavy clay mixed with peat free compost.

5 Mar, 2010


As it's north facing, I'd be inclined to choose the smaller, hardy evergreen shrubs, things like Sarcoccoca hookeranium (fragrant flowers in winter), smaller Pieris varieties, preferably variegated, (though they're all slow growing anyway), Hebe 'Youngii', Hebe 'Green Globe' or H. 'Broughton Dome', a Lavender or two,Heucheras (lots of choice for leaf colour with those) plus things like primulas or primroses and Astrantia for actual flowers. You can achieve lots of colour by using plants with different coloured leaves as well as their flowers, so look at Heucheras in particular for that.

5 Mar, 2010


Thank you that is a good idea I will look up all the ones you have written and see if I can work it out from there. Thanx again it is appreciated Regards Tricia

5 Mar, 2010

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