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By Ponty

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

When I moved here more than 25 years ago, I brought a few Cowslips with me and planted them near my pond. Over the years they have 'moved' and virtually naturalised in a two square yard area in my lawn, producing a wonderful display every Spring until I mow over them after they have died back. I recently discovered a 'stray', hidden away in one of my flower beds and this morning, I took this photo. I am amazed! Is it unusual for Cowslips to flower at this time of year?




Unusual yes but not unheard of we have primulas flowering right now when normally they only do so in spring and early summer.

12 Nov, 2013


Thanks Moon growe. I frequently get Primulas flowering late/or early? - indeed, I have three flowering at the moment but I have never experienced a Cowslip at this time. I have checked the main areas where they flower but there is no sign whatsoever!

12 Nov, 2013


Ponty - plant don't read the books, however, they do respond to temperature and light so this Cowslip is just confused. MG

12 Nov, 2013


I have a couple of confused foxgloves flowering now as well

12 Nov, 2013


I guess I must have Cowslip blood in my veins because I'm confused as well! :>)

13 Nov, 2013


Plus, that looks a bit like a hybrid, so may be even more confused

13 Nov, 2013


I picked a beautiful, solitary gladiolus today, for fear of it getting frosted. It does seem strange to find things like that in the border in November!

13 Nov, 2013


Still lots flowering in my garden and one of my Cowslips flowered this October. It so mild here that my pruned roses have quite big buds and a spring flowering Clematis has a bud already.

14 Nov, 2013

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