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By Lijemc

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Do snails and slugs eat the leaves of a Choisya Sundance? I only ask because I had a beautiful Choisya for years that didn't appear to be eaten by anything, but sadly it died earlier this year. I bought another one straightaway to replace it, but something is making a good meal of this one.



Hi, I have not grown this variety, but Choisya in general tend not to be bothered by slugs or snails, so I would think that something else is eating them, Derek.

5 Nov, 2013


Many thanks Derek, I thought that may be the case. I will have to have a closer look.

5 Nov, 2013


I have never had any damage on my Choisya Sundance,and it's at least 10 years old..and I get my fair of slugs and snails like most people..I did however,get some damage over the past two hard winters,just on one side though,but it didn't kill it off..If you have a new one showing the same symptoms,it must be another reason..sorry,I really can't help you,but I hope someone can..I would be interested to find out..

5 Nov, 2013


Thank-you Bloomer. Same here with my old Choisya, I had no trouble with that one, I think the frost got that one in the end. This new one though looks like it's being eaten. Otherwise it looks quite healthy.

5 Nov, 2013


Not vine weevil, is it? Most insects avoid Choisya because of its taste - which must be awful, if the smell when its cut is anything to go by.

6 Nov, 2013


That's what I am now wondering Bamboo. When the rain stops (if ever) I'm going to have a closer look. Thank-you.

6 Nov, 2013

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