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This shrub has just finished flowering and the leaves on the branches behind the flowers seem to have dropped off and although it is as established bush it is looking rather bear. Should we prune it now and if so should we be quite severe. The bush is at present about 8ft high and about 8ft across.



Ceanothus don't like being hard pruned - if this is an evergreen, just dead-head it and tidy it up.

12 Jun, 2008


Spritzhenry, I don't often disagree with you but I have hard pruned almost to the ground Ceanothus and it came back EVENTUALLY to a lovely shape. Unless you starve or poison any plant ,I find they are pretty hard to destroy.

13 Jun, 2008


OK - actual experience is much better than looking up information in a book! Maybe mine that was cut back might regenerate??? (Maybe not, that half was DEAD!)

13 Jun, 2008


I have seen in books and on the internet the belief that Ceanothus does not take kindly to being hard pruned but my experience has led me to believe it is not true. I remove about 50% of the new growth on my Ceanothus to keep it within bounds each year and it bounces back. My Father used to prune very lightly..... it is several years since he last tendered his garden and the Ceanothus had partially blocking access to my parent's back door so last year I pruned it back hard, cutting into old wood too. There is plenty of new growth on both the old and newer wood this year, enough to give me the confidence to reduce its height last week !
Don't give up on your Ceanothus, Spritz, they are made of stern stuff :-)

14 Jun, 2008

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