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gift planters - I'm trying to think up plants that will combine well in baskets and decorative planters . They need to appeal to customers looking for gifts and ideally have a good 'shelf-life'. Can be flowers, foliage plants or herbs. Sort of thing you put in a window or on a patio. So far I'm thinking small ferns, ivies.... um... any suggestions anyone? It's for a good cause - social enterprise for people with learning difficulty. I'm also looking for good wholesale plant suppliers online.



People are always after herbs at plant sales. Mix mint, parsley, thyme and sage.Or use small shrubs (variegated Euonymous, etc) usually bought for £1 for tubs etc with a primula or cyclamen for colour. Try to use at least one 'desirable' plant ie one with a flower on. Add a bow or blank gift label. Get your skates on for Mothers Day in a couple of weeks time!

24 Feb, 2010


I agree on the herbs idea. Also you could plant up some pots with just one plant such as lavender, everyone loves lavender. There are some great copper and large wooden blank plant labels being sold at Wilkinson at the moment, add a purple ribbon or natural jute around the top of the pot and Voila!!

24 Feb, 2010


I usually buy miniature potted Roses out of Tesco's .If not look around at prices, because they vary shop to shop.
I have found there is usually 4 - 5 rose plants per pot and i usually split the plants up.
If not go to garden centres or b and q and get some viola's , winter pansies , primulas , trailing Ivy's.
If needs be get in touch with DT Browns , they are based in Norfolk , i swear by them and ive had no problems with them.
If not Kings Seeds of Kelvedon Essex , they are also in partnership with Suffolk Herbs
I hope this will be of some help.

26 Feb, 2010

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