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I have dug out a huge clump of the 'ordinary' orange crocosmia, and am intending to plant C. 'George Davison' there instead. Books I've looked at, and the corm packet, give different planting instructions as far as spacing is concerned. How far apart should I plant the new corms, please?




I have a small clump of them I put them about 2" apart. Mine look a little yellower than these spritz. but they are a lovely flower.

15 Feb, 2010


Books say 4 to 6 inches apart, but I never do, I like a good, solid clump the first year, so I do as Seaburngirl says, no more than 2 inches apart

15 Feb, 2010


I agree about 2 inches apart. they are better in small clumps about 12- 15.

15 Feb, 2010


Thanks - I shall do that, but leave it until March-ish, I think. :-)))

15 Feb, 2010


Yes, when the ground is not cold to your fingers.

15 Feb, 2010


OK, Docbob. They're going by the stream, and I have two Ligularias on order for each side of the new clump!

15 Feb, 2010

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