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I was tidying up today and a corner of the border stunk to high heaven, like an animal had used it for a toilet. I have plants and bulbs planted there. Can anyone suggest how to freshen the soil without having to dig it all up. Thanks Margaret.



I think I'd put a mulch down over it to discourage the smell and hide the area from other animals. Perhaps there was a dead animal there.
welcome to GoY Margaret.

14 Feb, 2010


Male cats and foxes leave a hideous smell.

Both creatures do 'it' in my front garden and it's awful.
I think probably the worst part though is that they trample the b**** plants in the process .... THAT'S what really annoys. Grrr.

What i have tried is those strong essential oils, on a piece of something absorbant and placed strategically .... i think it worked - for as long as i remembered to do it !!!

14 Feb, 2010


Sometimes if there's a drainage problem then the soil can take on a stinky pond-sludge like smell....only solution is to improve the drainage and that depends on what's causing the wet's not near a septic tank is it....ugh!

14 Feb, 2010


If it is cats, a few branches of holly or berberis laid over the area will dicourage.

14 Feb, 2010


Thank you all so much. I will try the mulch and the holly. It is not near a

septic tank, thank heavens. I will also try and drain it.

We do have cats about, and maybe a fox in the night! The essential oils

sound good, I have some of them in the house.

Thank you all again, Margaret.

14 Feb, 2010


All good advice....welcome Margaret Ann...:>)

14 Feb, 2010

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